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Ramblings of an insane bug..

The Bug
This is an RP Rant/thoughts journal, that is friends only.

If you want to be added, reply here and I'll add you ASAP.

The unbelievably GORGEOUS graphic shown above was made by nocturnlrapture. The icons you see were made by myself!! Don't steal either of them or I'll kill you!

Template (green outline box) for the default icon provided by junedreaming

You can find me in MM3, BTG, BTRC (where all my good little boys and girls play) and IS (Where my Boss critter resides) just in case you're wondering if I play anywhere that you do...

Be warned, you may not like what you read here so remember that before you look behind any cut tags that you might see. Once you cross those tags, the blame is all on you. I call them like I see them, and I don't normally think about the end result, it's a fault that I have.